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We sell a wide range of silotypes, ranging from small storage silos in animal feed to large storage silos and dry silos.

Storage silos

We can supply storage silos for most of all sizes and designs. We have all silos from the very small hopper silo to very large steel silos for companies with the very large storage needs …

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Hopper silos

Almas Korn supplies cone bottom silos or skipping silos as they are also called.
The silos come partly from our American or one of our Danish suppliers depending on the silotype…

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Drying silos

We supply dry silos for every need. We have dry silos with a diameter down to 4.56 meters and up to 18.24 meters. Our drying silos are real drying silos, which means that the roof is lifted slightly from the side so that condensation water can come out between the side plates and the silo roof …

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