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Drying silos

We deliver drying silos to all needs. We have drying silos with a diameter down to 4.56 meters and up to 18.24 meters. Our drying silos are real drying silos, which means that the roof is lifted a bit from the side, so that condensing can get out through the side plates and the roof. Also, the silos are equipped with a disperser which distributes the crop equally in the silo, perforated floors which blows dry air through the floors, unique stirring system, powerfull fan and of course a management panel.

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The heart of the drying silo is the stirring system. It makes sure that the dry air gets through the thick layer of grain and mixes it. This is the most important factor for a succesfull drying. The stirring system in our drying silos are made by the american company NECO, with over 40 years of experience in drying of grain in silos. The stirring system is delivered with either 2, 3 or 4 stirring snails.

The brain of the drying silo is the management panel. Our silos are delivered with a custom made, danish manufactured control system, made to cover the needs of every single project. With an intelligent PLC-control you get more freedom, control and many more options.

For dry silos there are a number of advantages:

  • Very cheap drying of crops Experience with drying very wet grain
  • Homogeneous quality throughout the silo due to efficient mixing
  • Mixing of different crops, e.g. grain / horse beans, grain / corn
  • In an Alma drying silo you can dry almost anything. We have experience with: grains, rapeseed, soybeans, sunflowers, horse beans and corn.
Large top platform up to 3 meters in diameter for easy access to top hatch and grain spreaders.
Stable platform with easy access to roof hatches and ladder drop to silo.
Wide spiral staircase with low rise and deep non-slip steps. resting platform every 3 meters.
Roof staircase with wide steps.
Wide walkway from silo to elevator, for effortless service of elevator and circulation on rattles.

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