NECO dryers are quality products originally developed in Canada, but is now developed in Nebraska, USA. NECO (Nebraska Engineering Company) has more than 50 years of experience in developing and producing products for drying and handling crops. The NECO dryers can handle almost all kinds of crops, including grain, corn, rice etc.

With a NECO dryer, you get a modern and user-friendly dryer with an extraordinary capacity which is also gentle to the crops. This gentle handling means that special crops can also be dried ex. malt and seed for breeding. The dryer is a Mixed-flow dryer, which means that it operates without screen grids, which is the main reason for reduced capacity on other dryers. It also means that it provides a unique air and grain flow, which ensures a uniform drying. The fans on the dryer are designed with air intake in both sides, which ensures the lowest noise level in the market and an optimal opportunity for using heating surface.

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