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NECO tørreri produkt


With a NECO dryer you get a modern and user-friendly dryer with unmatched capacity while being gentle on the crops.
We have just the right dryer for your needs, as we have all sizes from smaller mobile models to large stationary dryers. We have capacities from 15t / h – 185t / h.

The uniqueness of the dryer is the way in which the hot air is blown into the crop through air ducts that run all the way across the drying column.
This causes all cores in the drying column to be affected at the same temperature and a potential overheating in parts of the drying zone is avoided. Due to this uniform heat effect, the dryer is ideal for, for example, seed barley or barley. At the same time, a very uniform finished product is obtained.

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With a NECO dryer, you get a modern and user-friendly dryer with an extraordinary capacity which is also gentle to the crops. This gentle handling means that special crops can also be dried ex. malt and seed for breeding. The dryer is a Mixed-flow dryer, which means that it operates without screen grids, which is the main reason for reduced capacity on other dryers. It also means that it provides a unique air and grain flow, which ensures a uniform drying. The fans on the dryer are designed with air intake in both sides, which ensures the lowest noise level in the market and an optimal opportunity for using heating surface.

At NECO dryers there are a number of advantages:

  • Quiet winds Gentle drying process
  • Energy saving with frequency control of fans
  • Easy mounting of heating surfaces if you want to supplement with heat from straw or wood-burning stove
  • Adjustment of temp. individually on burners
  • Possibility of cooling in the lower zones of the dryer
  • Mobile connection via app
  • Built in modules that allow easy installation and upgrading to larger capacity.

The hotline for Almas Korn A / S is open almost 24/7 during the season and I am always greeted by happy and helpful service engineers both in major and minor challenges. The dryer is very user friendly and we quickly learned to care for it.

- Niels Otto, Iselinge Gods, 4760 Vordingborg - 24150 dryer from 2016

In connection with the sale, I received super good advice, where the focus was on the function rather than making a "good sale". The drying has run impeccably and it is simple to operate.

- Operator Kasper Nielsen, Borum Østergård, 8471 Sabro- 24150 dryer from 2016

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