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Flat storage

A traditional flat storage can be constructed in various ways and has its benefits in opportunities for sectioning and thereby more different crops in storage at the same time. The cheapest and fastest to establish, is the solution with the so-called "round arch canals" which can be placed directly upon the floor of the storage. If you need a storage with the possibility of tipping directly when filling and emptying with a loader, embedment channels could be the solution. Embedment channels are firm and runs parallel with the floor of the storage.

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A drivable plank floor is designed to ventilate a wide range of cereals, seeds and root vegetables. The planks are manufactured in a durable Keruing wood type with milled galvanized steel wire mesh. The support is made up of pressure-impregnated softwood.

Pressure-resistant main ducts are made of hardwood, lined with plywood. The channels are available with print sides up to 3 meters.

The advantage of this type of floor is that it is easily mounted on an existing concrete floor. Floors and main ducts can be delivered either as self-build or as pre-installed.

Drainage channels can be used for cereal crops, seeds and root vegetables.

A stock with round arch channels is the most flexible and cheapest in investment.

Round arch channels in sizes 900, 1200, 1600 and 2200

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