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hø og halmtørreri

Hay- and strawdryer

A speciel product build up of modules, for drying of both round and square bales. The module construction means that the size of the dryer can be customized for every task. The dryer is patented and produced by the italian company Climair50. In the dryer, the material is dried by dehumidified air which under pressure, is compressed through the bales

A complete installation could consist of a diesel generator as a power source, and an oil burner as a heat source, which makes the installation independent of other installations. Alternatively, your own electrical installation kan be used, and a straw- or biofuel furnace can be substituted/combined with an oil burner.

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There are a number of advantages to hay and straw drying:

  • Very high quality feed
  • Healthy animals
  • Extra dividend per acres
  • Ideal for producers of hay milk
  • Security of supply

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